• Silent Retreats

    • Find Your Transformation from a Stressful Life To Your True Essence August 8th and 9th, September 19th & 20th September 26th & 27th

    • A Course in Miracles

    • Offering a transformation that no other. Weekly meetings happening Monday & Wednesday evenings.

    • Blue Matrix Energetics

    • Re-balance the body, mind and emotions

    • Crystal Healing

    • Find peace, security and wellbeing

  • Silent Retreats

  • Booking now for June 7&8 Transformations Silent Retreats allow you to get away from your busy life and connect with your inner self to help you become more emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.

Find Healing
  • Find Healing

  • Transformations offers a wide variety of services from Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Blue Matrix Energetics,  Angel and Pendulum Workshops and more to help guide to a path of healing.

  • Emotional Release

  • Treatment includes: Setting an Intention, Therapeutic Touch (Hot Stone Massage), Visualization, Spiritual Therapy & Guidance.

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  • Transformations is now on Facebook, we would love to connect with you there.  Come join the conversations.


  • A Course in Miracles is intended to be a foundation for inner peace. This workbook contains a text, workbook intended to be done of 365 days, along with a teachers manual. Karen Tyndall offers weekly meetings to help explore the principals brought about in this book.  The further clarificati... [read more]
  •  Silent Retreats August 8th & 9th September 19th and 20th September 26th & 27th Call 519-955-7114 or email karen@angeltransformations.com  to book your space. Offering Retreats for Women in Goderich, Ontario For more information on the retreats for women please visit Silent Retreat... [read more]

About Karen

Karen Tyndall
  • Karen Tyndall

  • Energy Practitioner & Master/Teacher
  • Karen Tyndall is passionate about assisting her clients on their healing journey, and provides a variety of services thr... [read more]



  • Studies have shown that one of the reasons we have too much weight, too little money, a lack of love and an inability to move past trauma is tied directly to Resistance to Forgive. A Course in Miracles teaches you how to Forgive.