• Silent Retreats

    • Find Your Transformation from a Stressful Life To Your True Essence

    • Integrated Energy Therapy

    • Identify and clear suppressed feelings and cellular memories in the human energy field.

    • Blue Matrix Energetics

    • Re-balance the body, mind and emotions

    • Crystal Healing

    • Find peace, security and wellbeing

Silent Retreats
  • Silent Retreats

  • Transformations Silent Retreats allow you to get away from your busy life and connect with your inner self to help you become more emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.

Find Healing
  • Find Healing

  • Transformatiions offers a wide variety of services from Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Blue Matrix Energetics, Angel and Pendulum Workshops and more to help guide to a path of healing.

Offer Healing
  • Offer Healing

  • Learn how to use Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki from a qualified master.

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  • Offering Retreats for Women in Goderich, Ontario Retreats are fully booked for the remaining of the season. Date will be available again in the spring. For more information on the retreats for women please visit Silent Retreats page
  • "Everyone’s purpose is to be their true authentic self, stepping out of blame, self hatred, lack and limitations. It is time to live a radiant, empowered, and effective life. To be what the Divine created you to be. To take full ownership of whom you are. It is time to listen to the power within; it[...]

About Karen

Karen Tyndall
  • Karen Tyndall

  • Energy Practitioner & Master/Teacher
  • Karen Tyndall is passionate about assisting her clients on their healing journey, and provides a variety of services thr[...]



  • ...step out of existing into living, step out of surviving into thriving, step out of playing small into being that possibility that transforms the world, a life free of judgment, a life free of blame. It is time to listen to the power within; it is time to be YOU." ~Karen